About Nancy:

Amigurumi has been a passion of mine for many years. What began with a proclivity for designing and selling hats, scarves, and shawls has turned its attention to the cute creations that you see here.  Most of my designs are unique, and each animal has their own unique character. Some of them are animated and although you may see multiple as you view my inventory, each one is different. Others are from talented designers from around the globe, and of course, credit is given to them here. My products have been featured in Craft Shows and Festivals throughout New Mexico for the last three years. I am New Mexico True Certified and a supporter of local charities and events that raise awareness  for children and animals in need. Adding the Critters to my work has taken my crochet to a much higher level, and I have enjoyed every minute doing it.

All my items are machine washable and machine dry, and I use a very high quality 100% acrylic material. Sometimes I may have other high fiber blends that are very soft and Hypoallergenic, made in the USA. You will not believe the texture of the material I use could be acrylic. Nothing makes me happier than to please and make my customers happy and satisfied with their purchases. All my Critters are Child safe, I use yarn for everything, no buttons or beads that children could choke on. It makes me Happy when I can make you Happy, all my work is handmade, and I spend quality time on each item I make. Thank you for visiting my Website, and I hope I can put a smile on your face!

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